My pal Frank Reed has recently published his first book, “Frankly Speaking“, sharing interesting details of his faith and radio journey. It’s a nice read. I recommend you buy 37 of them.

Frank was kind enough to include a reference to a visit we had when I returned home to Texas one summer (page 232, if you’re taking notes).

Frank and I had sort of become groupies of each others’ stations; me becoming more and more interested in Christian radio, and Frank becoming intrigued with how the station I was programming in his hometown of Orlando had reached #1 in the ratings with the first “Safe for the Whole Family” position. (As I recall it was Alan Mason and me sitting around the airport brainstorming ideas which we wrote down on the back of an envelope. Very Abraham Lincoln-ish, don’tcha think?)

The point of my bringing this up in a Frost Advisory is not really to give a cheap plug to Frank’s book (although I don’t mind doing that) but to convey a larger story that could be helpful to your station.

My older daughter was recently playing taxi to a group of younger children from her church. With them loaded in her car she scanned the radio dial and realized that she no longer had the freedom of choosing what she alone might prefer, but had a responsibility to choose a station that wouldn’t put bad stuff into these kids’ heads. She came face to face with the reality that the “Safe for the Little Ears” station was her only responsible option.

The goal of this programming tip is not to inspire your station to launch a nifty new slogan, but rather to consider putting your listeners’ life ahead of your station agenda. There are things that matter to your listener. Understand them, and then find a way to attach your station to the things that naturally fall in line with what’s important to your listeners.

That’s where “Safe” came from.

You can look it up! It’s in the book!