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a. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

b. a period or phase in which such a change or shift is happening.

Transitions happen in response to something. In the 1950’s it was the advent of television that changed radio dramatically. In 1986 it was the transition of listeners from AM to FM. In the 2000’s it is the advent of streaming audio and video. We can’t ignore what we used to call “new media.”

There is a new generation of people who can talk back, write back and make a movie about their experience. The day of single-dimension, one-way communication is moving past us. Navigating an unclear future can feel isolating and intimidating. It’s much easier when you have an experienced and successful copilot and crew.

Let us help reimagine your user experience and make the coming transition. 

Find out what’s ahead and prepare for it.

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We help christian radio navigate the ever-changing media landscape.

“Christian radio faces challenges, today is the best time to begin transforming your media ministry. “

– Alan Mason

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Alan Mason

Alan Mason


Write a short bio about your experience, and more importantly, what work you LOVE doing today to help radio partners.

John Frost

John Frost

The "Why Christian Radio" Guy

John Frost has been involved in the significant growth of Christian music radio in the last two plus decades.   From his work with leading CCM stations such as Z88.3 in Orlando, Salem’s KLTY in Dallas/Fort Worth and The Fish in Atlanta, and KSBJ in Houston, often ranking in the top tier in their markets.  Several stations have reached one million listeners per week during the Christmas season, once thought unimaginable for the format.   John is also co-founder and executive producer of Keep The Faith, a show that demonstrates the power of the stories and songs of the format, while appealing to new listeners by connecting on big tent values such as forgiveness, encouragement, and turning your life around, and relationships.  For over ten years John has worked with legendary Steve Brown on Key Life Ministries’ “You Think About That”, a short form feature focusing on the impact of grace.

Ever comfortable behind the microphone and a lifelong baseball fan John has announced professional baseball for over 25 years including Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida, for the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as the Cardinals’ and Marlins’ minor league teams.

TJ Holland

TJ Holland

Bio goes here.

Matt Mundt

Matt Mundt

Digital Strategy & Optimization

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Our Partners

Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey

Veteran media strategist, researcher, & podcast innovator.

Mark has consulted with and delivered projects for numerous media, publishing, and digital brands over his career, including Apple, iHeartMedia (Clear Channel), Pandora, CBS, Bonneville, Sirius XM, U-T San Diego, EA Sports, and more.

Tommy Kramer

Tommy Kramer

Radio Talent Coach & Voiceover/Imaging Actor and Writer

Tommy Kramer has spent over 35 years in radio as an on-air talent, Programmer, Operations Manager, and Talent Coach, and has worked with over 300 stations in all formats, specializing in coaching morning team shows, but working with entire staffs, too.

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